Arts Council San Jose (ACSJ) is one of the renowned national administrative units for arts, cultural and ideological progress. It’s located by the central square of San Jose City Hall, heart of Santa Clara County, California. It’s building, also known as Le Petit Trianon Theatre is a historic adaptation of the oft-replicated Petit Trianon in Versailles. For quite some time, ACSJ plays an import role in assisting government manage arts business marketing, cultural productions and cross culture exchange programs. With consummate supervision mechanism and long term principles of adhering arts management, ACSJ leads a number of American well-known associations for arts and culture such as U.S Beacon Artist Association, United Association of American Musicians, and United Association of American Dancer etc. Read More

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Santa Clara County Board of Supervisor Member:
Mr. Dave Cortese giving awards to ACSJ

Mr. Dave Cortese

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The smartest city in America:

San Jose In its “Healthy, Wealthy, Wise” series, on Jan 27th , 2014 reveals that the U.S.’s smartest city is San Jose, Calif. NBC’s Janet Shamlian reports Share This: Watch the video


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